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If you’re interested in joining the AGA and blogging weekly, we’ve still got space. Feminism. Mutually exclusive, or complimentary? Are religious teachings inherently detrimental to feminism, or is it only the way they are practiced? How do those of us who are religious consolidate religious history with modern practice? What about those of us who […]

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The vagina is a beautiful thing. It can stretch, and go back (think that we push babies thru it wholesale jerseys, and it goes back to normal size). It would take constant use to even stretch her out the least bit wholesale jerseys, and that means CONSTANT! If you or she are reallyThe vagina is […]

Bird, who has averaged 12 points a game in Cal’s last six

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I loved how seamless the transition between the actors were and how it portrayed the homoeroticism in such a warm and romantic light. It just really really touched me. And even though I not black, not from the ghetto, not even American it managed to draw on universal themes of alienation and confusion in a […]

We clicked in the second half

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