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Even though the experts agree that everyone should embrace their natural smell and taste, flavored lubes can be a fun and delicious addition, too. Most flavored options are water based since it’s safer to swallow, says Cavanah. Whereas silicone can leave your mouth all slippery and oil can leave a gross sticky residue.. Companies from […]

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Next will be medium, then high, then 4 starts the different variations of patterns. To turn off, hold down the button for 5 seconds. When you restart it (even by the remote), it will resume at the pattern you left off at.. We discussed my attraction before, and it quite clear that she will not […]

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This machine is not worth the price. I very dissapointed in mine. It rattles and squeaks. If there was ever a time to knock off one of the world’s Seven Summits, it’s now. This summer Alaska Mountain Guides International is offering a 20 percent discount on its ten day Kilimanjaro s, cutting the total price […]

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Popovitch, senior, biology major. Michael J. Cothren of Catskill, senior, broadcasting and mass communication major.. COACH STOOPS: You know, I’m very encouraged because I feel like we could go and compete and recruit anybody. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get them. There’s a lot of schools that lose a lot of players. The Indians […]

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I was forced to tell them because they specifically brought up the conversation, with the intent to try and convince us that we were making the worst decisions and being completely irresponsible with it. My mother had my twin sister and I out of wedlock, when she was 21 and still in school like I […]

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Parents are in most cases, out to protect their children. I know that my mother is the exact same way as yours. My entire family adores my boyfriend and his family seems to like me. Get the biggest daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThe documentary is set to explore the theories behind her […]

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“I am deeply disturbed by the initial reporting of the events surrounding the police involved shooting death of Jordan Edwards. On behalf of the Dallas NAACP, I offer our sincerest condolences to the family of Mr. Edwards and remain in continued prayer for all of those involved and affected by his untimely death.. Michael Jordan […]

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I turned it off quickly, but not before he could get confused over what the noise was. I distracted him with questions about the screwdriver or whateverI have been witness to an embarrassing toy moment though. When I was a teenager, I was at the laundrymat, waiting for my clothes to dry, when a couple […]

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Oakland Mills senior Gionni Williams says he’s always been a scorer, even from his earliest days playing basketball. Two weeks ago, the 6 foot guard made history, scoring a school record 45 points in a 65 49 win over Reservoir cheap Jerseys, also setting a school mark with eight three pointers. For the season, Williams […]