The food in Garpu is amazing

I think people are underestimating how good that counter was from Lawler in the beginning. That not going to happen to Askren every time he fights. For the number of fights he had, Askren has sustained an almost unbelievably low amount of damage. “Yet. Our duke has not broken yet,” Girard went on. “I challenge […]

We clicked in the second half

Shelby Lynn Allen, Katie Elizabeth Armshaw, Mary Catherine Balhoff, Timothy Joseph Banks, Harley James Bordelon, Treasure Ja’Leisha Zhane’ Brown, Haley V. Cashio, Christopher James Crowe, Brian Theriot Dejean, Anna Claire Fontenot, Robert John Fusilier, Reese Danielle Gassie, Cecilia Mae Hanson, Michael George Hirezi, John Hoang, Sydney Marie Hodgeson, Yolanda Rosina Labanca, Quoc Anh Thomas Le, […]