Titebond Wood Glue Guide

What’s more, is that this is the first one-part glue that can be cleaned up with water, but it is waterproof once it cures. Because of the superior bond strength, it reduces the time it takes to assemble a project. There are many variables with regard to open times, assembly times, temperature ranges, humidity and […]

Whittling Glossary

Make long sweeping cuts with the grain that go away from your body. Don’t be tempted to cut too deeply, just gradually remove the wood you don’t want. It’s a good idea to wear a thumb guard when you are using the pull stroke to add detail to your project. A super simple pocket knife, […]

5 Best Wood Carving Knives

Better yet, the blades are fixed tight into the handle to avoid snapping off while in use. You can get this set when you are in need of basic wood carving tools, thanks to the variety of tips featured on the different knives. You can get this knife when you are in need of a […]